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Amazon Reviewer:
If you are looking for a new paranormal fantasy with interesting characters, an inventive world, and overall readability, look no further. Really digging this story. Daisy and Ethan make a sassy team, and Hell has no idea what it’s in for. Looking forward to reading more episodes!


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living Dead Girl


A stand-alone story that takes place in the same world as Die Again today but can be read at any time. Living Dead Girl takes place roughly four years after Die Again Today.


Two years ago, Skye Adams was injured in a horrific car accident that took the lives of both her parents. The accident forever changed her life, leaving her with memory loss, terrible nightmares, and almost daily headaches. With no knowledge of her past and no other family or friends, Skye has to accept everything her grandmother tells her about her life, but what if she’s lying?

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What is Serialized Fiction

Basically, serial fiction is a story told in parts and released over a period of time. The closest example to this would be a television series. And Releasing a book in this manner allows the author to get feedback from readers and get paid sooner rather than later.

While Americans may not be familiar with the concept of serialized fiction, it’s very well-known and has been popular in Europe for many years. Also, it may surprise you to know that quite a few of the classics, such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin, A Tale Of Two Cities, and The War Of The Worlds,  just to name a few were originally serial novels, so it’s not quite as new a concept as you might think.